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Sports center / XXI Century Pavilion Zaragoza

The Municipal Sports Center Siglo XXI is an installation that responds to two types of needs: create an enhancement, that within the core network, play a specific role in supporting the competitive sport, while creating a facility for sport school age (sports training and physical education curriculum) and sport for all in the district ACTUR, one of the most populous Zaragoza and less provision of municipal sports facilities.

As installation support competitive sport, the center will have a pavilion of 2,780 spectators, instead of the present paper flag of CDM Farm (700 admissions) and intermediate with respect to specialized Pavilion Prince Felipe (11,700 spectators) equipment. Obviously in this ward practices and games and equipment in state capacity interautonómicas categories that can find a more rational arrangement in the Pavilion will Prince Felipe of place. Alternating with sporting uses, this pavilion will also host cultural and social uses.

The center has a catchment area of about 50,000 inhabitants, with a setting of growing young population, with a Secondary Education neighboring public schools and several primary and secondary very close. For this environment, the existing private or social offerings do not cover the current demand, both in the field of sport in school, and in the general supply-sports physical for the whole population activities. Therefore we have designed spaces considered in the basic local sports system: use the school hall for local competition and facilities, guided activities, indoor and, new and complementary element, a Health and Fitness Area.

Events held at the sports center:

  • Spain Championship GRD indivudual basis
  • Aerobic and Acrobatic Championships Spain
  • Junior League women's basketball Spain
  • Spain Dance Sport Championships
  • VII International Tournament "YUDIGAR" Cadet Basketball Camp Spain Spain sport Gymnastics Gymnastics Camp