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Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park Nuévalos

The Natural Park of the Monasterio de Piedra hides in the most rugged mountains of the Iberian System, within the municipality of Nuévalos. It brings together an unusual scenic setting in the Peninsula, surrounded by waterfalls and spectacular water falls and caves group for which you can walk. A heavenly place to be walking on two and a half hours and you can enjoy a natural setting unprecedented.

The tour starts at Plaza de San Martín, bordering the hotel you reach the Four Streets that lead to lookout Horsetail, Iris to the Grotto, a spectacular Cola de Caballo waterfall 90 meters height hides the Iris grotto, which has resulted in an impressive natural cave and fish farm.

Then it goes through the Diablo Peña, Mirror Lake, another dream place that gathers around a lagoon of crystal the most varied aquatic flora and fauna, Los Chorreadores, stunning Iris Waterfall, the Diana bathing waters Lake Los Patos, Trinidad Waterfall, Waterfall Grotto the Capricious and the Artist.

A staircase carved in rock, rises to Pradilla Park, The Whimsical, the Cascada de los Fresnos and resumes to Iris Waterfall.

Following the blue signs arrived at Orchard Valley known. From here back to Lago de Los Patos to find the exit.

The park has stables to practice horse riding, playground, restaurants and shops.

The area is surrounded by riparian forests, around the vicinity of the Piedra River, one of the most biologically rich ecosystems, where many species of animals and plants are found in a relatively small space. About this watercourse entire ecosystem of the park vertebra. On the banks of rivers, streams and wetlands species such as alder, poplar, ash or elm develop. Other tree species around the banks, as elm, walnut and maple.

The Monasterio de Piedra is a popular place on weekends, but weekday is a haven of peace where we can enjoy the tranquility that nature offers us. This place first in Spain which hosted a farming center, naturalizing in the waters of the River Piedra trout and clawed crayfish.

Through various panels and workshops on environmental interpretation visitors can learn about wildlife, vegetation and geology surrounding this amazing Natural Area.

Exhibition and display of birds of prey

From 28 February until November 2 we can see any of the three daily passes airshow raptor. Interpretation Centre Wildlife Fish Farming

At the entrance of the River Piedra Natural Park is the Interpretation Center Wildlife Piscícola showing explanatory panels through the world of farming and rivers. Every day of the months of April to October, from 11:00 to 19:00 hours and holidays and weekends in November and December, from 11:00 to 18:00.