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Alfajería Palace

The palace, now the seat of the Parliament of Aragon, is a building of singular beauty. Its long existence throughout history allows us to see the beauty of a delicate ornamental taifal XI century palace, extraordinary wooden carvings in the form of carved ceilings of the Moorish artists who worked on the medieval Christian palace and the magnificence of the time of the Catholic Monarchs, his throne room, which amazes the spectacular golden roof and painted wood.

The Aljafería has lived many avatars, changes and stages. Completed the restoration work of the monument is now a lively and open building, a cultural landmark in our city.


His compositional basis of an open and a pool on the south side rectangular courtyard scheme, developing two porches with arches and polylobed mixtilíneas way of visual displays and bottom, tripartite ceremonial rooms intended for private use. In the north porch is a small octagonal chapel plaster decoration (atauriques).


In the twelfth century the palace began his Christian journey, becoming the palace of Aragonese monarchs. From this period are a series of rooms corresponding to rooms of the palace of King Pedro IV decorated with splendid carved ceilings, which are of vital importance as source of irradiation formation of Aragonese Mudejar art.