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Patio de la Infanta

This patio, built in the mid sixteenth century, was part of the palace and the merchant banker Gabriel Zaporta owned in San Jorge Street. Had the typical structure of the Aragonese Renaissance courtyards, most notably due to the innovative decor.

The complex iconographic program is a reflection of the humanistic culture of the moment and has been subject to various interpretations related to the emperor Charles V and marriage Santángel Zaporta and Sabina. The courtyard is known as the "Patio de la Infanta" in honor of Vallabrige Teresa, wife of the Infante Don Luis, brother of King Carlos III.

The building reaches the end of the nineteenth century have been abandoned and, having suffered several fires, is shot down in 1903. Only the patio and the cover, which was acquired by a French antiquarian and moved to Paris, where they were being saved for more fifty years. In 1957, the IberCaja gets to the city and in 1980, installed inside the central building.