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The market of Zaragoza

The building was built by the Town Council to serve as a market for merchants, according to the draft master Juan de Sarinyena. It is the first fully Renaissance building in the city and the most important building of the sixteenth century civil in Aragon.

The outer division into flats does not correspond to the interior space, which occupies a large living room with separated by banded starred vaults and columns covered by ships. The ornamentation also follows the new Renaissance style, especially visible in the windows and on the frieze of the inscription that runs around the room. The repeated motif is the shield of the city, carried by angels on the heads of the columns and keys carved domes. In the center of the four sides the shield of the Emperor Charles V, supported by lions and framed in the Golden Fleece On this show also appears the plant corresponding to the outside veranda, which was reached by a spiral staircase is located within an outer turret, now defunct; the role played was the store of arms of the municipality.