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Pablo Serrano Museum IAACC

The IAACC-Pablo Serrano, opened in 1995, is located in the ancient craft workshops Pignatelli Hospice, where he worked as a master carpenter grandfather Pablo Serrano. Originally conceived as Monographic Museum was significantly increasing its activities: exhibition, documentary, conservation and all services didactic and focus on public, that this increase of activities had reflected in an increase in useful surface, depleting the possibilities offered their spaces and early architectural design. Displays the legacy of sculptor Pablo Serrano and his wife, the painter Jane French.

Currently he has undergone a profound transformation that not only remarkably large exhibition space center, but also the number of spaces dedicated to cultural activities and promotion of contemporary art, with a collection that "... will be organized around the Spanish art of the twentieth century with special emphasis on the most important Aragonese artists or art the most significant periods in Aragon, also incorporating those international artists and artistic movements that are considered desirable for better understanding. "The expansion project, carried out by the architect Pérez Latorre, an increase of exhibition surface and enable the design of an ambitious policy of temporary exhibitions, providing the city of Zaragoza in a reference center around the creation contemporary. The new building will have a total area of 7479.96 m2, of which 3,500 will be allocated to exhibitions.