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Museum Goya prints Camon Aznar

Copies of Velázquez (1778), Random Hearts (1799), Disasters of War (1810-1815), Dollhouse (1816), Follies (1816-1820): In the museum all the great series that Goya recorded from 1778 to 1825 show and Bulls of Bordeaux (1824-1825). Each series is a milestone in the process of research and creation in this art, for the sake of artistic improvement and constant openness to modernity.

Goya is one of the great figures of printmaking, not only for technical reasons but also for thematic reasons. Our artist dominates all printmaking techniques of his time: etching, aquatint, drypoint, converge reaching several of these techniques in a single die. In 1825, seventy-nine, experimenting with a new technique of lithography. But his genius lies in the complete layout and perfect technical adequacy of the content.

Engraving is the exhaust valve of the thoughts and feelings of Goya. It is the most direct and democratic way of connecting with his contemporaries, which manages to get the engraving suffering stagnation in the eighteenth century.