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Archbishop's Palace in Zaragoza

The works of the Archbishop's Palace, Neoclassical building of the eighteenth century, were made between 1779 and 1787. It is the residence of the archbishop of Zaragoza.

Brick facade of the entrance, and the tops of doors and windows are stone plinth, with large windows to the outside. The lower windows are closed by iron gates, top, topped by triangular pediments. The cover, very simple, is flanked by two columns, Ionic pilasters and topped by a small little balcony.

Inside is remarkable the ladder. Some artwork as painted by Francisco Bayeu Immaculate in 1758 and two tables in a Gothic altarpiece of the Cathedral is preserved.

On the main floor of the Archbishop's Palace in Zaragoza, forming part of the collection of portraits of archbishops, hangs the portrait Oil Archbishop Joachim Company, ruled headquarters Zaragoza from 1797 to 1800 was conducted in 1800, more fruitful era and higher quality as a portrait of Goya, who signs the painting on paper holding in his right hand the sitter. We are facing a splendid art test and psychological insight to represent and define the character, masterful example of the color play between black and gray.