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El Plata theater of Zaragoza

The Silver opened in 1920. Cabaret At that time it was a luxurious auditorium, casino and restaurant. In 1934 it became The Conga: a dance-taxi that had a staff of 40 tanguistas. Then it was a house of ill ...

Until 1943 the brothers bought Trallero local and transformed in the Café Bar Silver Singer. Ricardo del Val gave the final impetus, with shows and magazine couplet that conquered the most popular public. They followed a golden age, with three shows a day, a loyal and vedettes who were like family. Mary de Lis, Marga Mayra Castillo or were his last star before The Silver was fired in 1992.

In 2008 the new The Silver born with his Iberian Cabaret directed by Bigas Luna has recovered the spirit and identity of your best time singing coffee.